Emergency Visa Service

Emergency Visa Service

Emergency Visa is only issued in case of genuine emergency like death or serious illness of immediate family member (blood relation).

Application for Emergency Visa with relevant documents in respect of Western Australia and Northern Territory should be submitted at the VFS centre Perth on working days between09:00 AM to03:00 PM and at Consulate after 03:00 PM up to05:30 PM.

Emergency Visa applications on holidays would be received at the Consulate between09:00 AM and03:00 PM only by prior appointment, on the telephone number mentioned below. Production of confirmed flight ticket for urgent travel at the time of application for an Emergency Visa is mandatory.

The emergency visa number will be available only on public holidays and weekends.

Contact Number for Emergency Visa Service: +61 431743681 (For WA and NT only)

Note: Consular enquiries would not be accepted on Emergency Visa contact number. Please also note that there is no facility of "emergency passport" or "emergency PIO/OCI" etc. This emergency facility is only for visas.

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