1. Do I need a visa to visit India?

  2. Yes, a visa would be needed to visit India. The type of visa would depend on the purpose of the visit. Please follow the relevant link on the Home page of this website(www.cgiperth.gov.in)

  3. Where can I find the details and application forms?

  4. You can also visit the Indian Passport and Visa Services Centre (VFS Global) website –http://www.vfsglobal.com/india/australia for online application form and other details.

  5. Where to submit the completed application forms?

  6. One has to first fill the application on line as outlined at http://www.vfsglobal.com/india/australia t and take a printout. Then residents of WA and NT would need to submit the completed visa application forms and related documents at Indian Passport and Visa Services Centre (VFS Global), at the following address: By Post: Locked Bag 200, Perth BC, WA 6849. In Person: IPVSC Suite 2, Level 3, 182 St. Georges Terrace Perth, Western Australia 60040.

  7. I have problem in filling out the application form?

  8. Please contact Indian Passport and Visa Services Centre (VFS Global) website –http://www.vfsglobal.com/india/australia 

    Email IDs (Visa, Passport,  Police Clearance Certificate/ India Drivers licence & OCI) : info[dot]ind_aus[at]vfshelpline[dot]com

    Contact Centre Number: 03 9956 3830 

  9. I experienced a problem while submitting my online application and lost internet connectivity? How do I know if my application was saved?

  10. Please note down the temporary number of the application to begin with. In case of disconnection/technical glitch while filling up the online application, you can retrieve the application with the temporary number. If your application is saved in the system and you have not been able to save your Web Reference Number, please email your Full Name and Passport Number to Visa Helpline email id ( inf[dot]ind_aus[at]vfshelpline[dot]com) or call 03 9956 3830  on all business days between 09:00 AM to 03:30 PM AEST with the same and VFS will assist with the necessary information. If you have already made a payment and your Credit Card account reflects a debit of the amounts payable but have not been able to download your online payment receipt, please email the applicant/s Full Name/s and Passport Number/s to our Visa helpline email id and VFS will assist with the same. Once you have made payment, you will not be permitted to add more family member applications. Any additional applications will need to be added in as new applicants and not as part or continuation of an earlier record.

  11. My application and passport have been submitted and it has been a while. How can I enquire about the status of my application?

  12. Please visit website http://www.vfsglobal.com/india/australia  and trace your application online by entering your web reference number and Date of Birth. You can also call our helpline 0 3 9956 3830 on all business days between 09:00 AM to 03:30 PM AEST or email at info[dot]ind_aus[at]vfshelpline[dot]com[dot]

  13. The status shows that the passport is ready for collection. Where do I need to go for collection and which documents I am required to bring in?

  14. The passport has to be collected from the place where the application was made i.e. the India Passport & Visa Services Centre (VFS Global Services). If you are unable to come personally to collect your passport, you may authorize someone to collect the same on your behalf as long as the person concerned has the Invoice-cum-receipt issued by VFS, and an authority letter signed by you and photo-ID of the person concerned. VFS can also return the same via courier or post for you. Additional Fees for the same will be applicable.

  15. Passport status: The online status says that the passport is under process, can I expedite the process?

  16. The Tatkal or temporary passport service is not available. The general processing time for re-issuance of passport is 6 to 8 weeks. However, in case of re-issue of passport in lieu of passport issued by other passport issuing authority (PIA), the processing time may take longer than six to eight weeks.

  17. I applied for a visa for India but I have changed my mind about going to India. Can I claim a refund of my fees?

  18. Normally, no visa fee will be refunded. However, if you cancel your application after completing and paying it online (and it is not submitted to VFS), then your visa fee will be refunded. Please allow 10 working days after cancellation of your application for your refund to be processed.

  19. How do I know when my application is ready for collection from the India Passport & Visa Services Centre?

  20. You can check the status of your application online, please visit the website http://www.vfsglobal.com/india/australia and enter your web reference number and Date of Birth. You can also call VFS helpline on 03 9956 3830 on all business days between 0900 am to 03:30 pm or emailing us on  info[dot]ind_aus[at]vfshelpline[dot]com.

  21. What are Consular Services?

  22. The Consulate General of India offers consular services to Indians. Among them include attestation of documents (for e.g. Power of Attorney, affidavits, etc.); Issue of Marriage Certificate, Birth certificate (On the basis of Indian Passport), Death certificate and Life Certificate pertaining to Pensioners; OCI Miscellaneous Services (for incorporating changes in the personal particulars of an existing OCI holder on to the new OCI due to issue of new passport to the OCI holder following expiry/loss or damage of the passport, loss or damage of OCI U-Visa sticker/OCI Registration Certificate); Endorsement of new passport details on the existing PIO card; Renunciation/ Surrender of Indian Passport; Transfer of Valid and Visas from old passport to the new passport. For further details please visit the relevant section following the links on the Home Page.

  23. Where do I submit my applications for Consular Services?

  24. All applications for Consular Services(excluding Emergency certificate, Life Certificate, Death certificate/Repatriation for transport of mortal remains/ashes to India and NRI(Non-resident Indian) certificate) has been outsourced to M/s India Passport and Visa Services Centre (IP&VSC) – VFS Global http://www.vfsglobal.com/india/australia/

  25. Whom should I address my trade enquiries related to India?

  26. You can send in your queries to us at hoc[dot]perth[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in .

  27. Can the Consulate help me with contact details of the prospective exporters/importers from India?

  28. Consulate has a dedicated trade section and you can send your query to the trade section of the Consulate, which will attend to enquiry and respond.