Advisory for Indian Nationals regarding Fraudulent job offers

Consulate General of India




The Consulate General of India in Perth received several enquiries from Indian nationals requesting the Consulate to verify antecedents of companies offering them employment. Indian citizens are advised that the Consulate does not have the capacity to verify and confirm in all cases the genuineness of job offer. Indian citizens should therefore exercise due diligence before accepting any such job offer.

The Consulate General of India in Perth have come across many instances of fake job offers being made to Indian by unscrupulous elements purportedly in the name of Perth based multi-national or Australian companies. Mostly such offers are made over the internet, phone or through agents. These fake job offers are invariably accompanied by demands that the Indian job applicant should pay advance money in the form of passport, visa or ticket charges, and security deposits, before the employment contract is finalized.

Unscrupulous persons who may seek to cheat Indian citizens with such employment offers usually send an initial email with the offer of employment and forged documents to convince him/ her that the employment offer is genuine. In several cases, Indian citizens have been cheated for large amounts of money. Indian citizens are therefore advised not to make advance payments to any individuals claiming to offer employment in Australia unless and until he/ she is fully satisfied that the employment opportunity is genuine.